Sunday, October 6, 2013

Zimbabwean afternoon

zim001Well the only regret Sara and I have from our trip to Zimbabwe is how short it was. We’re on a working streak across the continent – left – done – up right – left and then home. But in the short time we’ve been here we know we definitely want to come back.

zim003After school on Friday our genial host Hob Boazman took us for a little trek around Domboshava where hiked up a giant rock and viewed some cave paintings with ages estimated between four and thirteen thousand years. I guess once you’re past four thousand years old who really counts anymore right?

By giant rock I am talking a thousand foot climb up what looked to be one solid piece of stone. Swooping and undulating like sand dunes encased in concrete. The surface of which provided steady lichen covered footing for the ascent to the overhanging cave where the cave paintings were. The fact that we were already four thousand feet above sea level when we began the march was made readily apparent to our sea level conditioned lungs – but the journey was well worth summit breath catching.


So, here are a dozen or so pics from or too short stay in Zimbabwe.


The trail was marked right on the stone so even a couple yahoos from Ohio couldn’t get lost.


Hats off to my fellow hikers.


Imagery that has stood the test of time – and then some.



Photographs never do inclines justice, I’m sure Sara and Hob would agree with me on this.


One of the park’s permanent residents.


A rock that we hope doesn’t roll.


While it looks like a green field this whole surface is hard rock – the color from lichens clinging to its face.


We’re certainly hoping the arrows of destiny point us back in the direction of Zimbabwe someday.

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