Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ice 9 - Michael 0

I snapped this shot of my car in the school parking lot after school.

Today was not a snow day. Even thought the weather was 20 times worse than it was last week – the school district I am working in this week has already used its allotted snow days so they had a 2 hour delay.

I drove down an ice covered route 271, crossing lanes over humps of snow and solidified sludge – what would usually be an hour and 15 minute trip took 2 hours. Not insanely longer – but white-knuckle all the way. That feeling when your stomach detaches from your esophagus and intestines then just starts bouncing around like the dot in the old video arcade game Breakout.

The kids hung in there today though – even though we had truncated periods because of the delay. More on them later.

I hope it's warm where you are – no matter the weather outside.

the only thing you could cook on here would be a chilly dog

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