Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Secret Agent Iman

So far Istanbul has surprised me. I was expecting Middle Eastern but instead it is feeling a lot more eastern European or Balkan – I am reminded much more of Croatia than I am Bahrain. The cobblestones are identically treacherous although the amplified call to prayers wailing and undulating through the air is an addition.

Somehow it seems a bit more dangerous here. Not in a being scared for your life hope I don't make a wrong turn down and unfortunate alley kind of way - but more like a suspense spy movie kind of feeling. Everyone looks as if they may be keeping a secret. I don't k now if it is abundance of dark suit jackets worn by men sitting alone sipping apple tea from tiny glasses at pedestal tables outside of cafes or the way everyone greets each other with the double kisses to each cheek (a perfect opportunity to whisper a password) but I can't shake this sense of espionage.

Deep boat whistles waft up from the river mixing with the smell of broiled lamb's meat and we are getting set to explore again.

Stay tuned…

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