Saturday, March 8, 2008

Oh the weather outside is...

View out the window from the Continental lounge

So my parents are stuck in a snowdrift on the freeway with our stupid little foo foo dog - hoping for a tow truck they called to eventually show.

They bravely drove Sara and me to the airport as we start our trip to Istanbul. Or - more relative to our current situation as we cool our heels at the airport which was just closed 20 minutes ago. We were told that there would be no updates for two hours so we stare into the white out sitting in the Continental lounge hoping to somehow get onto a flight that takes us away from this Blizzard of the Decade.

Instant update! My mom just called, a couple of hippie burn out type kids pushed them out of their snowy snare! Cigarettes dangling from their mouths long greasy hair - I imagine they probably had Metallica T-shirts on. Hooray for heavy metal samaritans! I can see them shouting to my dad "Drive safe old dude man!" flashing the forefinger and pinky horns as he fishtails away, Suzi thankfully barking at them as the rear wiper flings ice in their wake. This eases my guilt a bit.

Folks around me are beginning to introduce themselves to strangers sitting by them - where ya from - where ya headed? That bonding that occurs in any crisis or inescapable situation. Those fleeting microcosms of relationships, rolling through our pre packaged introductory stories, rehearsed with every new aquaintance.

Holy moley - a plane just pulled past the window and the Las Vegas flight is boarding! Got to get those gamblers on their way! Okay - cross your fingers, I have promised to bring a belly dancing librarian from Parma some finger bells back from Turkey. Maybe we will get out of here today.

Stay tuned....

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