Monday, March 17, 2008

back in the U-S of A

Out to dinner in a tradional Turkish eatery in Istanbul with Bonnie Campbell Hill, Sara and a couple teachers from Berlin - ain’t my life tough?


Back at Detroit Metro waiting for a flight to Cleveland. Istanbul was pretty amazing and I’ll have a couple longer posts about the city and the conference in the coming week.

Got a book to recommend - The Death of Visnu by Manil Suri. It was one of those tomes that makes me wonder why I even bother trying to be a writer.Other times I read something on a plane and think "Hell, I could of written that, even better - but then there are the Everything is Illumated or Kite Runners out there that are just inspired. On a scale of 0-10 I’d give this one a solid 8.

Waiting for the the jet to lag,


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